Liechtenstein Global Trust

Liechtenstein Global Trust LGT Bank in Liechtenstein LGT GT Global

The Bank in Liechtenstein had a heritage of providing private banking services to a predominantly European client base. With increasing globalization of financial markets, management recognized that the organization would have to expand beyond its geographic and private banking bases. The Bank acquired GT Global, a highly regarded investment management and mutual fund company with a strong global presence. A new holding company, BIL GT Group, was formed.

Management’s goal was to grow by offering clients a broad range of financial services and investment options. To achieve its business objectives, the Group would have to build awareness of the full scope of its capabilities among all audiences, and foster identification with the organization as a whole among employees.

Lister Butler analyzed the situation and determined that an integrated brand identity strategy would be essential for the success of the Group’s business strategy. We worked with management to develop a new brand identity strategy and system, one that successfully leveraged the Bank’s heritage of trust and integrity and GT Global’s worldwide strength. The parent company was renamed Liechtenstein Global Trust. A common visual identity was developed for the entire organization, with the parent company name used as an endorsement with each business unit’s visual identifier. The new identity system supports the business strategy by effectively communicating links among business units and helping to establish awareness of the breadth and depth of the organization’s capabilities.