Our Philosophy –
The Nature and Value
of a Brand

A brand is a major corporate asset — for a company, its investors, its business partners, and its employees.

A brand is a promise.

Whether it represents an organization, product, or service, a brand is a promise of certain attributes and values — a promise of quality, performance, consistency, and service. A brand embodies what the organization, product, or service stands for, and distinguishes it from competitors.

The better key audiences understand a brand’s promise, the more effectively the brand is differentiated from its competitors.

Our Philosophy –
A Partnership with

We believe that the best solutions grow out of ongoing involvement with our clients. This approach ensures solutions that are:

  • Strategically correct
  • Functionally soundjh
  • Information based
  • Market driven
  • Creative and actionable
  • Sensitive to economic forces

We offer clients the personal attention of senior consultants that is essential to a thorough understanding of their business needs and objectives. This understanding is the foundation for successful results. We are proud of our many lasting client relationships.

Our Ownership and

Lister Butler Consulting is owned and operated by its founders, John Lister and Anita K. Hersh. Our company’s focus is the evaluation, development, and successful management of positioning, brand identity, and communications strategies and systems to effectively position companies, products, and services with all audiences.

As an independent, privately held company, Lister Butler focuses all of its resources on meeting the needs of our clients, and brings complete objectivity to its work. Lister Butler’s private ownership also means that we can maintain complete confidentiality of client relationships and information.

Our Organization –
Professional Staff

Lister Butler Consulting is staffed with seasoned, expert professionals, including the owners, who are hands-on consultants involved in every program. The longevity of our core team of senior consultants ensures continuity of quality and service in all of our work and client relationships.

Our staff includes:

  • Identity, positioning, communications, and marketing consultants
  • Designers, writers, and linguists
  • Specialists in name development, information design, electronic media, research, and implementation

Our Organization –
Program Management

All of our work is managed out of our New York office. Centralized management and staffing ensure quality and consistency throughout a program.

Our Organization –
Program Teams

Each Lister Butler Consulting program team is made up of senior consultants with sophisticated analytical and management skills, as well as a practical understanding of the functional issues involved in developing and implementing successful brand identity, positioning, and communications strategies and systems. All members of our consulting teams have extensive experience in working with companies to address the strategic positioning, branding, and communications issues created by mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, new product development, technological change and innovation, expansion into new markets, and deregulation.

Each Lister Butler team is selectively built around the unique needs of each client, and the same team works on all aspects of the program.