J. P. Morgan

JP Morgan portfolio forms

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With the private banking market becoming increasingly competitive, J. P. Morgan management wanted to build a unified system for banking and investment client account communications.

Portfolio managers needed a statement that would act as a support tool for the manager-client relationship. Management recognized that upgrading the quality and presentation of account information presented a recurring opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the bank and its clients. Lister Butler’s challenge was to ensure clarity and consistency for account communications, while maintaining flexibility for various client types, and for different markets.

Following an information-gathering phase to develop an in-depth understanding of the J. P. Morgan private banking relationship, Lister Butler developed a system for presenting information that reinforced the J. P. Morgan identity and helped position the organization as a pro-active, client-centered institution. The system was flexible enough to accommodate the unique demands of both U.S. and international markets.

Quality paperstock, subtle colors, and classic typography reinforce the J. P. Morgan positioning and identity. The organization of information and graphic display of quantitative data make this statement an exceptional portfolio management and marketing tool.